Fishnet - A fisheye web browser with search term popouts



Project description

Fishnet is a web browser that always displays web pages in their entirety, independent of their size. Fishnet accomplishes this by using a fisheye view, i.e. by showing a focus region at readable scale while spatially compressing page content above and below that region. Fishnet offers search term highlighting, and assures that those terms are readable by using popouts. This allows users to scan search results within the entire page without scrolling.


Bongshin Lee, Graduate Research Assistant, Human-Computer Interaction Lab
Patrick Baudisch, Research Scientist, Visualization and Interaction Research Group, Microsoft Research


Patrick Baudisch, Bongshin Lee, and Libby Hanna (2004) Fishnet, a fisheye web browser with search term popouts: a comparative evaluation with overview and linear view, Proceedings of AVI 2004, pp. 133-140.

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